Alex is the fighter seniors can depend on.

Mooney talking to beared older gentleman

Congressman Mooney fights for our seniors by cosponsoring legislation that would end the double taxation of Social Security benefits, keeping more money in seniors’ pockets. He also signed a letter protecting Medicare Advantage from cuts by the Obama Administration.

Congressman Mooney also cosponsored the Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act (H.R. 1882) which could keep more money in seniors’ pockets.

Congressman Mooney understands the need to protect Social Security, which is on track to be insolvent by 2035, resulting in an estimated twenty-five percent decrease in benefits for recipients. Congress must act to ensure Social Security never gets to that point. Social Security is a critical support for our seniors who have spent their lives paying into the system.

Congressman Mooney is committed to working together in a bipartisan fashion to accomplish reforms to our critical Medicare and Social Security programs. By doing so, we can prevent future program insolvency, or emergency tax and spending increases to fully fund these programs.

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