For Alex, jobs are his number one priority. He is laser-focused on cutting government out of the way and keeping taxes low to help create jobs.

Alex getting a haricut.

Congressman Mooney understands that West Virginia needs to fight the EPA and its job killing agenda, while creating reliable infrastructure and transportation for our state to have prosperous coal, oil, and natural gas industries. He also believes in the innovators of tomorrow. That’s why he cosponsored and passed the American Research and Competitiveness. This bill will cut the number of taxes that America’s innovators pay by making the Research and Development tax credit permanent. To put this in context, if a company spends $5 million in research they would be eligible to qualify for a $500,00 tax credit, allowing them to hire 10 new employees at $50,000 per year.

After touring numerous manufacturing businesses in West Virginia, including the South Branch Plant of American Woodmark in Hardy County and Appalachian Timber Services in Braxton County, Congressman Mooney understands the potential growth in these industries. He is devoted to assisting these industries by cutting federal red tape regulations and pointing out tax credits that would prove to be beneficial.

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