November 9, 2023
Contact: Brittany Yanick
[email protected]

Mooney Campaign Reacts to Manchin’s Announcement

CHARLES TOWN, W.V. – Following Senator Joe Manchin’s announcement that he will not seek re-election, this seat will go Republican.

However, Jim Justice is no Republican. He’s a big-spending liberal that switched parties and has spent his career supporting Biden’s reckless spending, COVID-19 lockdowns, gun control, and the largest tax increase in West Virginia’s history.

It’s time for West Virginians to elect a true conservative and the only proven conservative in this race is Congressman Alex Mooney.

Following Senator Manchin’s announcement, Mooney’s Campaign Manager, John Findlay released the following:

“With Joe Manchin out of the race, there’s only one candidate left in West Virginia who supports the liberal Biden agenda and that is Jim Justice. Congressman Alex Mooney is the only true conservative for U.S. Senate who will fight back against the Biden agenda and that is why he will win the Republican primary in May of 2024.” 


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