May 22, 2023
Contact: John Findlay
[email protected] 

While Mooney reins in the debt, Justice piles it on

CHARLES TOWN –  West Virginia needs a real conservative in the U.S. Senate who understands the need to balance our country’s financial books, while simultaneously funding programs and initiatives necessary to keep us safe.

Alex Mooney is the only proven conservative who understands that our nation’s future could be dire if we don’t fix our national debt problem, which is why he sided with his Republican colleagues in recent days to rein in our nation’s spending and responsibly raise the debt limit.

Meanwhile, Liberal Jim Justice has spent his entire career increasing government spending. In 2017, he actually proposed the largest tax hike in West Virginia’s history. Imagine what he would do if he was sent to Washington and had the opportunity to vote on the debt ceiling?

Our national debt currently stands at $31.7 TRILLION. We can’t afford to increase our nation’s spending, but that’s exactly what Jim Justice would do.

In 2021, Justice suggested that being fiscally responsible was foolish. He went as far as to say, “if we actually throw away some money right now, so what?” So what? The Biden Administration and Washington Democrats are fueling the worst inflation in 40 years as a result of Biden’s wasteful spending packages that both Jim Justice and Joe Manchin have supported at some point in time.

Furthermore, Liberal Jim Justice has his own problems balancing his checkbook. While throwing money away might not be a concern for a billionaire like Justice, it should concern West Virginians that he’s $850 MILLION IN DEBT.

“West Virginia can’t afford to send a big-spending, liberal like Jim Justice to the Senate. The only choice in this race who will deliver for the people of West Virginia is Alex X. Mooney,” said Mooney’s Campaign Manager, John Findlay


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