April 28, 2023
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Justice Repeatedly Lies During Disastrous, Low-Energy Kickoff
Mooney Campaign Fact Checks Jim Justice’s Lies

CHARLES TOWN, WV – Yesterday, Jim Justice gave a low-energy announcement of his US Senate candidacy so boring he had to beg BabyDog to stay awake. Since Jim Justice’s lips were moving, he was lying. Luckily, Alex Mooney’s Senate campaign is here to fact-check Governor Jim Justice’s speech.

CLAIM: Senator Lindsey Graham claimed that “Jim got on board early. Jim jumped on the Trump train.”
FACT CHECK: Liberal Jim Justice was not on the Trump train. In 2016, Democrat nominee for Governor Jim Justice left his ballot blank rather than vote for Donald Trump. Watch here or read here.

CLAIM: Governor Jim Justice said, “You’ve seen how I stand for our kids and education.”
FACT CHECK:  Liberal Jim Justice shut down schools during COVID-19 and required students to mask up. Numerous studies show that these draconian measures had a severe negative impact on children’s education. Read the lockdown order here.

CLAIM: Governor Jim Justice said “You have seen where I stand on the Second Amendment…I have never seen a gun kill anybody, ever…there’s a heck of a lot of people that kill people. And we need to do something about the people component, and not the gun component.”
FACT CHECK: Liberal Jim Justice actually supports restrictions on law-abiding citizens. Watch for yourself here.

CLAIM: Governor Jim Justice said “This state didn’t shut down. We made the right decisions” during COVID-19.
FACT CHECK: Liberal Jim Justice supported COVID-19 lockdowns of schools, churches, and businesses. He even went as far as to say “I don’t think the pandemic is over” after President Biden said, “The pandemic is over.” Justice’s actions were so out-of-control that one of the first bills passed by the Republican-controlled state legislature in 2023 was to limit the Governor’s use of emergency powers. Read his shutdown COVID-19 plan here.

Visit to learn more about Jim Justice’s record.


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